"Three shadowy figures. Four flavor of teas. If you ask the right questions and pour the right tea, you may just figure out why you're here. If you don't, you won't know what to do when tragedy strikes." For the best experience, it is suggested that you play through this game multiple times. There are many possible endings and approximately 9k words of dialogue to unlock in order to discover the whole story. Be patient... the story unfolds slowly and every piece of new information raises just as many questions. It is recommended that you attempt to find your way through the story on your own, but if you have trouble, feel free to refer to the hints below [SPOILER WARNING]: The prompt "matter" is a splitting point between universal and character-specific prompts. There are many potential pathways to unlock matter using any combination of characters. Once you unlock "matter", all future prompts will mean nothing to the characters who are not the one who unlocked it. To progress you will have to use the prompt on the character that unlocked it in previous dialogue. To unlock an ending, you must pour a cup of tea and click the "flame" prompt, but it doesn't work if you use this prompt on a character that did not unlock it. They will not want to talk about it until you've heard more of their story. If you do not unlock any of the character endings before running out of tea, then you will not be able to choose an action in the final cut scene. If this happens, try again and consider serving most of your tea to a single character in order to unlock their story faster. Good luck and enjoy your tea!
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
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idk... download and extract i guess. 

The current build works on PC


Elaine M. Podosek (Empish): Programming

Gray Ryan (Airborne_Manatee): Writing, Music, Level design

Laura Alice Peckar (@lapeckar): Art, Backgrounds, GUI

Wesley Shogo Uchiyama-Penix: Sound effects

Thanks to Alamo Studios and the Alamo Studio location organizers.

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