Welcome to the Craziest Furniture Source for your dream home! You have a vision of how you want to live and rest, but Pikea is a tricky store. Your listed items will be scattered randomly all over the store. You are not the only one hunting for cupboarbs, beds or lamps. So you better speed up or you will not only loose the game but also you will never get your home ready. To do so you have to avoid other player's trolley or even push yours against your opponent in order to force him/her to loose one of his/hers items. Because you know, sometimes to play dirty is allowed. Pikea is a little party game based on our favorite furniture megacorporation. Designed for two players, competive gameplay on a fast pace. Have fun and let the game begin!
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Use the Source, Luke (Sponsored by GitHub)
Language-Independence (Sponsored by Valve Software)
Super Secret Stash
The Guide I was looking for
MS Windows, Linux / Unix, Android device
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Godot Engine
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We also used other open source software such as Blender 3D and Affinity Publisher.