A Picture of Home

A Picture of Home - by HeartHome - Our team’s take on the “What home means to you” theme was to highlight the positive and negative relationship we have with Home. Home represents a place of comfort and warmth, a shelter that protects each of us from weathering the, oftentimes, scary world we live in. However home is also a place of stagnation, a comfy trap that we must escape from everyday in order to grow as individuals - our game aims to reflect that. A Picture of Home is a point and click, narrative driven title that follows an unnamed protagonist in the days following a romantic break-up. The title aims to emulate the struggle we have all felt during an emotional time in our life and how hard it is to fight against the self destructive tendencies that accompany these life events. The protagonist goes through five individual days leading up to a meeting with their ex partner where player choices will lead to different outcomes and different levels of control over the character and their decisions. Much like in real life the character is naturally unresponsive, easily distracted and idle, it is up to the player to decide whether they will push through these initial push backs and frustrations to make the protagonist’s situation better and gain more control over their life or let them naturally spiral, into self neglect. We look forward to presenting A Picture of Home - Please enjoy!
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)


Cat Shen - Art, backgrounds, player animations

Olivier MIller - Narrative, text bubbles, text images

Yaman Palak - Audio, music, sound effects

James LiSooey - GameMaker Studio programmer

Brian Tsukerman - Unity programmer

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