Our Home

Our Home is about a tribe which gets poor because of a strong blizzard, caused by a nordic god. They must travel on a journey to find resources, survive and stablish a new base. Hilda is the main protagonist. She is a hunter who helps her tribe to get resources along the way and got Frigg's blessing by an bracelet / wrist to help her tribe prosper. A mystic wolf is her companion and helps her on the journey (not included on this first version). Players must make decisions who will lead them to different pathes. Inspired on Banner Saga but with action platformer elements. Will be released for Windows and Mac on Steam in future.
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Forgive and Fortify (Sponsored by iThrive Games)
Keep it simple
The Ancient Folk
MS Windows
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Photoshop CC trial Fruit Loops trial Construct 2
Installation Instructions: 

Extract the zip file and double click on the nw.exe file.


Game Dev, Game Design, Level Design - Bruno Medeiros

Art and Animation - João Victor

UI - Douglas Zagalo

Music Composer and SFX Designer - Gabriel Lanhellas

Story Writer -  Matheus Casagrande

Original Story - Bruno Medeiros, João Victor and Matheus Casagrande

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