The Ordinary Adventure of a Teenage Fox

Being a teenager can be tough, but if you have someplace to call home even your first date and that very difficult test will breeze through without complications! Play as a cartoon fox tackling critical moments of his adolescence through abstract minigames, and then recover your energy and happiness in your house's comfort. Features: -Two minigame based boss battles, each with its own mechanics! -An home exploration phase with statistics linked to the boss battles! Controls: -Minigames: WASD to move, Spacebar to activate power. -Home phase: WASD to move, Spacebar to interact with highlighted objects.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Intructions and notes:
-The game is of course incomplete and it's impossible to beat the second minigame in the current build.
-To play the game unzip the folder and double click on the exe: enjoy!



  • Simone Cibrario Nona
  • Davide Cavuoto


  • Carlo Gagliardi
  • Michelangelo Borsatelli


2D Art:

  • Serena Lo Monte
  • Roberto Zambaldo

3D Art and Animation:

  • Filippo Bissacco
  • Ylenia Mognetti

2D Animation:

  • Emilia Gozzano


  • Cooper Keegan (Silvio Vecchi)
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