Open Home

You are a witch real-estate agent who has to stop the possessed furniture and put them back in their original spot before the viewers come to see the home. Presented in a Voxel Art style. Singleplayer. Only playable with controller. 'A' to Pick up/Place knocked-out furniture 'LT' to Fly 'RT' to Attack furniture Knock out the furniture and place it in its original spot before the timer runs out!
Jam year: 
Language-Independence (Sponsored by Valve Software)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip the file.
Run the executable.



Alex Coultas (@Zeploc)
Michael Xu
Jonty Hoesktra (@SquidLover64)


Rourke Mason (@RealRookster)
Rowan Berger

Game Stills: 
Source files: