Oh, this weekend..

23.58 - just in time, you manage to hand in your report, a minute before deadline! Finally, you can sleep, knowing that you did a good job. In the morning you are awakened by a text message from your parents. You have forgotten something, they a coming to visit today! You look around, your apartment is a mess, clothes and pizza boxes everywhere! You need to clean before your parents arrive! Think you can handle the stress? Play “Oh, this weekend..” by Dustrat studios to find out! What should you start with? There is so much to do! Check your phone to find a list that might be helpful. As you are in the middle of throwing away garbage, or more like stuffing it inside your closet, a ringing sound echoes through the room. You check your phone, your parents are calling to check on you. Do you pick up and lose time or ignore the call and make them drive faster? Can you clean your apartment before your parents arrive? Will you be a disappointment or the golden child? Play “Oh, this weekend…” to find out!
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Maya, photoshop
Installation Instructions: 



3:Click on Ho this weekend exe



        Cecilia Höglund 

        Elina Tjäder  

         Emelie Åslund

         Klara Asklund

Programming/ Design

          Franz Jonzon 

          Carl-Olof Söderström   

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