Not My Chores

Hey, I think you'd told me to prepare meals this morning, don't you remember? You see I'm really busy playing games... Oh come on, THAT'S NOT MY CHORES! < About > Not My Chores is a simple card game that players enjoy their home life as well as do some chores. < Number of Players > 2~4 Players (Best 3) < Play Time > 1~2 Minutes < Setup > 1. Shuffle all cards and make a deck. 2. Draw a card and put it on the center of the table face-up. 3. Divide the deck so that players can have the same number of cards to each other. Leftovers are not used in this game. 4. Every player holds his/her cards in hand. 5. Now the game is ready to play. < Gameplay > All players do their turns simultaneously. 1. Draw a card in hand and carefully put it face-down in front of you. 2. Hand over remaining cards to the right, which means at the same time you take cards from the left. 3. Repeat 1~2 until you have only 2 cards in hand. 4. Draw a card and put it face-down once again. You must have the last card in your hand. 5. Reveal the last card along with others. 6. Sum up all numbers of the revealed cards. Don't forget to include the first card at the setup phase. < Scoring > 1. All players add up their own cards. 2. Check out the sum of the revealed cards. 3. If the sum is equal to or greater than zero, all players have successfully finished their chores as well as enjoying home life. The player who has the highest total of scores of his/her cards wins. 4. If the sum is less than zero, all players have failed to finish chores! The player who has the lowest total of scores of his/her cards wins.
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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Print all pages and cut them in cards.

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