Night Master

Between Canada and the United States, somewhere near Lake Superior, rumors have spread about mythological beasts called Windigos. These creatures are believed to haunt the forests of the area and their intentions are to kidnap and eat incautious tourists, who take themselves too deep in the woods while trying to get a shot of them and the fame that would come from such an amazing discovery. Sadly no tourist that tried their luck in the woods managed to come back. Windigos have night preferences due to their aspect, that would otherwise make them too spottable in the daylight, even though they could easily prey any curious who lurks around in the day, they prefer to stay in their shelters until the sun sets. Some scientists believe that Windigos are non other than the remainings of an old peaceful indian tribe, so attached to their lands and homes, that they had to adapt to circumstances and to all the changes that influenced the original flora and fauna. If that was true, we should probably be thinking about who’s the beast and who’s the man…
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Scale With A Song
The Ancient Folk
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