Home is a comfortable place you build for yourself and for loved ones. Look around for sticks and build your own nest to keep your little ones warm in this short but beautiful 3D experience! This is mostly an experiment with Godot Engine's amazing 3D features, and served as a great study on 3D implementation in games and efficient modelling in Blender. A good GPU is recommended for some effects.
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Use the Source, Luke (Sponsored by GitHub)
MS Windows, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Godot Engine
Technology Notes: 
Godot Engine 3.1 Betas 2 and 3 used for this game.
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Just download the zip file, extract the contents to a folder and run the executable. Make sure the .pck file is in the same folder. Windowed mode can be toggled by pressing F11.


Daniele Martins - 3D Artist
Vinicius Kleinsorgen - Designer, Editor, Scripter
William Tumeo - Godot mentoring and coding

Sound effects from the free 2018 GDC Audio Bundle

Special thanks to everyone at Aiyra and to the developers of Godot Engine

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