Nest: Picking Up Home

Nest is an atmospheric exploration game. Take flight and search through a pleasing landscape for treasure. Then find your way back home to decorate your nest. You begin the game in flight, looking for an initial nesting spot represented by a nest icon. Once you use your mouse to click on and choose a nest, you can exit by clicking the wing icon to the right of the screen. While flying, you can use your mouse to unveil treasure spots or food.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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James McNary

Imoni McCorvey

Alec Slayden

Blake Simeon

Dominque Mitchell




“The Woods” - TinyWorld

“Strong Wind Blowing” - DontMind8

“Wind” - p0ss

“Windy Sound 1” - Arthur

"Music by Tri-Tachyon -"

“Rising Moon” - RandomMind

“UI Sounds” - StumpyStrust

“Annulet of Absorbtion- qubodup

“Spell 4 fire” - Bart K.

Some of the sounds in this project were created by David McKee (ViRiX)