Nailin' it!

Tells the wholesome story of a nail, who's about to get hammered. And the Hammer boys have recruited new additions to their team. Meet; Floopy, the toy hammer, The honorable courtroom Hammer, a smith's hammer, and Mjölnir, god of hammers. Together they form an unbreakable team, as they take on a legion of unwilling nails, and drive the final nail in their coffins. (Project not sponsored by Hammer Industries, Hammer Inc,, H. A. Hammer, Hammer Residences, Heavy Hammer Inc, Hart-Hammer inc, Fowler & Hammer, Ed Hammer inc, Mike Hammer inc, DreamHammer, The-Hammer-and-Nail, GAVEL & HAMMER INC of MISHAWAKA, Wise-and-Hammer, OLIVER-HAMMER inc, OEX Hammer inc, Thor's Hammer inc - Electrical Installation and Repair Services, Hammer Restoration, Hammer Insurance, Hammer Construction, JC Hammer inc, Green Hammer inc, Two Chicks and a Hammer, ARM & HAMMER, Cutler Hammer inc, Hammer-IMS, Rotork; Roto Hammer Industries, Hart Hammer inc, Hammer & Nails, HA Hammer, ABC Hammers, Hammer Metals, ENGINEER INC. -HAMMER, Hammer & Hammer, Water Hammer inc, The Hammer Museum, Hammer IT Consulting, Hammer & Chisel inc, Ram Hammer inc, Cutler-Hammer inc, Two Men & a Hammer inc, Breath and Hammer, The Hammer Financial Group, Hammer-Inc (AvramiH), Hammer Express inc, One Man and A Hammer inc, HammerSpace, Hammer & Hand, YellowHammer Brewing, D.W. Hammer & Company, Hammer Mill Hammers, HAMMER® Ice Melter, HammerQuist inc, Velvet Hammer inc, Lam-Hammer Laminate floor tools, SILVER HAMMER INC LIMITED, Greenberg and Hammer, Mason Hammer, Hammer Plastics inc, Mark A Hammer & Associates inc, Hammer Fiber Optics Holding Group, The Ronsen Piano Hammer Company, Brick Hammers, Hammer Stars, Hammers and Bits, the Hammers Company, Rock Hammer Inc. )
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
.Net, Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Runs on tested and home grown potatoes.
Installation Instructions: 

- Hammer it down to your pc, and extract files. 


Art and Code by:

- Jost Muelenkemp

- Mjimy van dne Berhg

Game design by:

- Vitcor den Aplpe

Special Thanks:

- ZwerfKachel Orgelgieters En Zn. B.V. support team. 

Game Stills: