My Virus Family

My virus family is a beat them up with a heartwarming story and unique evolving mechanic -- Story: You are a virus. Your family is in danger. You have to save them by obtaining the legendary anti-anti-body. As you fight in the outside world, you evolve into a stronger and stronger virus. But as you evolve, you start to forget about your family. You only care about your power. You only want to be STRONG. What will happen, when you finally see your family members again? --- We plan to make a story-heavy action game at the beginning... Yet, we only have one programming in our team, and he could merely finish the bullet hell / action / leveling system by the end of the game jam. We ended up making a game which is not relevant with the theme lol We are mostly first time jamers, so I guess we should work on a much smaller scope the next time XD
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Berman - Illustrator

Chris - Programmer

Joe - Visual Artist

Ting - Illustrator

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