My Home, My Planet, My Space

When you get back home from the long, cosmic journey, you discover Earth was conquered by alien onion-like forms of life... You can't allow these invaders to destroy your place of live. It is my planet, my space, my home!
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Game made by TDC in Action! programming language on 8-bit Atari. Graphics made by Kaz in Graph2Font tool for Windows 10. Music made by Kapitan in Raster Music Tracker for Windows 10 and with use of Alesis vMini MIDI keyboard. Technology involved: 8-bit processor MosTech 6502 with speed of 1.77 MHz, 4-channels sound chip POKEY, graphics chip ANTIC. Game details: screen resolution 160x200, 8 colors titlescreen, more details soon...

Code - Tomasz "TDC" Cieślewicz

Graphics - Krzysztof "Kaz" Ziembik

Music - Krzysztof "Kapitan" Żubil

Mary - good soul ;)

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