Moving Hazard

Moving Hazard is a coop game about a family moving into a new and wacky house. The goal is to unpack your boxes, and place your furniture into the space according to a predetermined layout before the timer ends. BUT THE THING IS. The house they bought is rocking back-and-forth, on top of a high mountain! The game is all about wacky physics, furniture sliding everywhere, and players trying to cooperate to push and rotate things together within the time limit. ----- HOW TO PLAY - Boxes are parachuted into the house at a steady pace. - You can unpack the boxes by pressing (Y). - You can hold (A) to push or pull the furniture. - A number on top of a furniture piece will match a number in the room. - When a furniture piece is placed correctly, the balloon on top of it will become GREEN. If this piece fells out of it's spot, the balloon will become RED. - The games ends when you place everything in the right spot, OR if the timer runs out. *If the balloon does not turn green, but the number matches, try rotating the object until you find the right spot ;)
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
2D Assets - Illustrator - InDesign - Photoshop - ProCreate 3D Assets -3DS max Music - Logic Pro
Installation Instructions: 

On Windows 10, simply download and click the .exe to play the game!


Angela Goulene (Narrative Designer - 2D Artist)
Laurent Corriveau (Game Designer - 2D Artist)
Étienne Thibeault (Sound Designer)
Marius Ibanez (Programmer)
James McCafferty (Programmer)
Ilyass Arbaoui (Programmer)
Jeffery Vuorela (3D Artist)

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