Monster Family

As the overlord : You have to manage your dungeon by ordering your children to take care of it. To motivate them, give them money to push them to do it. But not too much ! If the tasks aren't done, you will stress. The more tasks are done, the more money you will earn by second. As a child : Try to do the tasks that your overlord wants you to do. You will gain money by doing tasks. Your goal is to have 200 gold before other minions to buy yourself a new life. Win conditions : If a minion has 200 golds, he wins. If the overlord has too much stress, everyone lose. If the overlord manage well the dungeon during 3 minutes and 10 seconds, he wins.
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Always Room for One More (Sponsored by Origin Access)
Keep it simple
It is dangerous to go alone, take this!
Scale With A Song
MS Windows, Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Sylvestre B. (Code, Game design)
Sofiane Aita (Graph, Game design, Level design)
Romain Foucher ( (Code, Game design)