Mice Heist

Mice Heist! Take control of a group of four mice on their quest for cheese in the house filled with devious traps and evil cats! Navigate through the house whilst avoiding cat patrols, utilizing each of the mice's unique abilities in order to achieve your goal! The game focuses on four characters: Cliff, the Digger, who's able to uncover hidden paths you can use to move past obstacles and avoid the cats. Auguste, the Chef, whose nose will help you locate the cheese scattered throughout the house. David, the Spotter, whose keen senses will help you detect the cat before it sees you. Kaye, the Stealthmaster, whose keen eyes and swift hands will help you spot the traps and disarm them before any of your mice get caught. The game is played using an Xbox Controller. Use the left stick to move back and forth, right stick turn left and right, and the d-pad buttons to switch between each individual mouse. Be warned! Falling prey to the cat or getting caught in a trap is fatal, and losing any member of your team could be catastrophic! So be careful and be vigilant as you navigate your way to the cheese!
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Download the zip file for Game Installer.

Once downloaded unzip the zip file to a file of your choice, in other words create a folder on desktop open the zip file copy paste everything into the folder on the desktop.

When complete then inside the folder will be a .exe called MiceHeist double click that pick you resolution and keep it window since never managed to implement alot so no main menu. You are just in the game and when you die, then restart.


Game Design: Rafal Smietana

Art: Shawn Brown, Briony Painter, Adam Aitken

Audio: Alex Rycroft

Programming: James O'Callaghan, Anders Gillies

Additional Support: Mark Cochrane

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