Make Yourself At Home

A short story adventure/sim about the journey towards making a new dwelling into a place where you can feel more at home. Our group is a group of people who spend a lot of time talking and trying to grapple with serious issues. Our first project was going to deal with homelessness, but fell apart for a number of reasons, and we coalesced instead around people who do not feel at home in their own homes. Here we considered loneliness, the growing problem of adult depression and suicide, particularly among middle aged men, and how we need more ways for people who are alone to talk about ways to improve their lives that are realistic and within their control. In "Make Yourself at Home", you start by moving into a new apartment before your first day at a new job. You will mostly "see" the apartment even though you have a life outside of it, but through the game you can make choices about the things that make you feel more at home, although you need to balance that with the other things you have going on.
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)

Megan Muller

Shan Jiang

Aaron E-J

Sherri Puchalsky

Sheila Ayala Heady


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