遊園地で迷子が大発生! 迷子探しのプロになって、無事に迷子を家族に会わせてあげよう! Lost children occurred in amusement parks! Become a professional looking for a lost child, let 's get lost child to your family safely! プレイヤーを迷子のところまで移動させればOK WASDキーで移動、Shiftキーでダッシュ 時間内に出来るだけ多くの迷子を見つけてよう! If you move the player to the place of lost OK Move with the WASD key, dash with the Shift key Look for as many lost as possible in time!
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X


Directer   沼尾 廉/Ren Numao
Engineer  岡崎 龍/Okazaki Ryo
Artist        和田 隆/Takashi Wada


[Used Assets]

TitleLogo Back:きなこもち様/Kinakomochi

Title Back:とちぎ様/Tochigi

GameMain Back:acworks様/acwaorks

All Characters:いらすとや様/Irasutoya

All BGM:甘茶の音楽工房様/Music Atelier Amacha

All Sound:ザ・マッチメイカァズ様/The MatchMakers

あずきフォント:日向梓様/Azusa Hyuga

Game Stills: