Luca's home

Luca's Home is an arcade game centered on the life of a hamster and his home. Luca must explore the corners of his house, collecting pieces of puzzles until he finds the place of his home where he feels most at ease
Jam year: 
Puzzle design challenge (Sponsored by Red Bull Mind Gamers and The Tetris Company®)
It is dangerous to go alone, take this!
In Ink
Super Secret Stash
Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Adobe Illustrator CS6 Adobe Illustrator CC Adobe Photoshop CC Adobe Audition Wacom Intuos Art
Installation Instructions: 

1. Download resource

2. Unzip

3. Open with Visual Studio



Johanna Monteros

Diego oñate


Animate Sprites

Diego oñate


Code & game development

Sergio Monteros


Game Stills: 
Source files: