Lost in store

You have written a shopping list and need to exit with all the items listed on there before the store closes. Story: You need to buy furniture to your new apartment, and the best place to do so, is the famous Swedish furniture store chain called EKIA. The only problem is - that once you get in, you might never get out. This will be a single player first person perspective game. (FPS - First Person Shopper) The gameplay will more or less be escape room based. When you start the game, you will already be inside the building, and you will find that it won't be as easy to find the exit. You have a shopping list, and need to collect all of it's items and exit the building before it closes. The doors will not open unless you have collected them all. You will find a map of the room where you start. But you cannot take it with you. You can, however, go back to look at it as many times as you'd like. In a corner of the window you will see a timer that counts down until closing time. Keys: Move/ walk = w,a,s,d Interact = e Eyes = mouse
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine

Josefine Jacobsen (Project manager, 3d Modelling)

Anna Brekke Kalvsjøhagen (3d modelling)

Erik Gauger (3d modelling)

Ole Marius Andersen(Sound engineer, 3d assistant)

Emma Louise Rønning (2d/concept artist)

Sondre Grøterud (Programmer)

Anette Rana (Programmer)


Honorable mentions:

Tirna Kristine Mellum