Long Away From Home

Long Away From Home is supposed to be a puzzle game. Player navigates between scenes, meets and talk to different people and solves puzzles. Long Away From Home is the story of an old man that has lost his memory and can't remember anything . a homeless boy wants to help the old man , Although he doesn't have any concept of home and family in his mind, But he still wishes to help the old man! So, along the way of finding the old man's house and family they meet some people that help them to find the old man house . in the end, they find the old man house but his family isn't there , the old man remembers that they left him because they couldn't deal with his memory loss... Now our old man is upset, and homeless boy wants to make him happy again. So he goes to the same taxi driver that helped them before and asks him why the old man is still sad, they have found his home; taxi driver tells the boy that the only thing that the old man wanted was his home not his house, his family was what turned his house into his home now that he knows his family is gone he doesn't feel any difference. taxi driver suggest's that they can live as a family! And after that, they go back to the old man's house and tell the story to him, Old man is glad to accept the boy as his family and they live happily forever after.
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Puzzle design challenge (Sponsored by Red Bull Mind Gamers and The Tetris Company®)
Keep it simple
MS Windows, Android device
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.Net, Unity (any product)
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Extract -> Play


From Left To Right

Omid Rezaei (Programmer)

Ali Sharifi (Co-Developer)

Reza Ataei (Designer)

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