Land of the Free

Land of the Free is a game about life through the eyes of a wolf pack, in a open world where you'll have to survive enough to discover what a "home" truly is. Survive taking care of your Food, Affection and Energy bars, in order to prevent pack members to leave or die. To do so, use simple mechanics like Hunt, Play and Rest. Some Seasons will be harder to survive through. Be fast, be brave, but above all else, be TOGETHER at home.
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Language-Independence (Sponsored by Valve Software)
Happy Anniversary
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Game Controls

[This game requires a Xbox, or any PC-compatible, Controller.]

  Move the left joystick to guide the pack through the environment.
  Press the B button to sprint and move faster.
  Press the A button when there are animals around to Hunt them, to fulfill your Food bar.
  Press the X button to start Playing, which will fulfill your Affection bar.
  Press the Y button to order the pack to Rest, which will fulfill your Energy bar.

Installation Instructions

1. Download "".

2. Unpack zip.

3. Run the "Build" exe.

4. Enjoy the best Wolf Simulator R-Rated Adults Only +18 Full HD 2019 1 Link Torrent, Land of the Free.


Wolf Team

Musician - Alfredo San Martín

Level Artist - Rosa Rodríguez

Character Artist - Gabriela Palma Neyra

Programmer - Aldhair Vera Camacho

System Designer - Marco Arellano

Game Designer - Randal Carbajal

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