Krazy Krabs

Captain Nemos four hermit crabs is searching for building parts to their homes. There are scattered parts lying around on the shore just waiting to be dug up and dragded back to the building site. There are three different types of parts: Foundational = the base of the house, can only be used as a base part of the home. Walls = Walls and windows for the house Roofs = Beautiful parts that will make other hermit crabs envy your home. Gather all the parts before they're being washed away by the incoming water! Have fun and gather the finest parts to your home but be aware that the other crabs might be envy of the parts you just dug up!
Jam year: 
Protect the Oceans
MS Windows, Xbox 360 or older
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
WARNING!! Controllers need to be connected during the game not before!! This game is for four players using xbox 360 controllers, other controllers haven't been tested! Move sideways with triggers, rotate with the joystick and grab / attack stuff with A

Oskar - Project Manager, Game Design, Code

Michel - Code

Andreas - Code

Fabian - Code, Music

Helen - 2D/3D Art; Promo Art; Game Design.

Victor - 3D Art

Game Stills: