'Knightmare' follows a kid's crusade against the nightmares that threaten the safety of his home. To protect what matters to him the most, the brave knight must defeat waves of terrors, armed with the sheer dedication to corrupt what he holds dear. The player's goal is to balance between the house's protection and the knight's well-being, ultimately upholding the ideal that at the end of the day home represents safety.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine

Kristiyan Shikov - Dark Magic, Gameplay Programmer, AI Programmer, UX Designer

Nikolai Marinov - Blood Magic, Gameplay Programmer, Scrum master

Dimitar Katzarov - Concept Artist, Character Designer

Bozhidar Savov - Level Designer, Environment Artist

Gergana Petkanska - UI Designer, Concept Artist

Hagop O. - Animator

Hristo Arabadjiev - Sound Designer