As your homeship is about to explode, you have to leave it and flee in an escape pod. You can only bring a few items, but which ones should you pack? You can only carry a limited amount, and you are not sure what you will need out there. Depending on what you brought, you'll be presented with different memories and options. Explore a branched narrative and discover where your path leads you.
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Use the Source, Luke (Sponsored by GitHub)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Twine, Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Narrative made in Twine (open source tool created by Chris Klimas and maintained by a whole lot of awesome people) Build made in Unity, using Cradle (open source plugin created by D. A. Terre, for importing Twine stories into Unity) Microsoft Visual Studio (IDE) Medibang Paint Pro (free software for painting and creating comics) Clip Studio Paint Pro (drawing and painting software) Affinity Designer (vector drawing editor)
Installation Instructions: 

1. Unzip the folder

2. Unzip Keepsake_Unity and run the .exe to play the Game / Sandbox Mode

3. Unzip Keepsake_Twine and open the .html file in a browser to play the web based Story Mode


Robin Andblom




Amanda Natalie Rasmussen

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