Kaeru is the search for their true place in the universe and their origins by a small planet of frogs, who receive a mysterious space signal. Game play is about moving the rocket from one planet to the next, searching for the mysterious signal in the distance. Currently, only the first tester level is in place. Users can control the spaceship using the keys below. Spacebar: applies thrust to the rocket, allowing directions to switch. A & D or Left & Right arrow keys: allow users to change the pitch of the rocket. Hint: Light corrections can be made by tapping the spacebar randomly. Background on the name: Kaeru is the japanese word for frog, and also the verb for 'to return'. Often small frog totems or good luck charms are carried by those wanting safe journies or money to return to their wallets.
Jam year: 
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine

Game by Lee Anderson, Melissa Randall, and Wade Wojcik.

  • Illustrations by Melissa Randall
  • Opening animations, sound design, and story by Wade Wojcik
  • Development by Lee Anderson
Source files: