Introvert Simulator

Try to survive as an introvert at a party and get home by by not letting your awkwardness get a hold of you. The only problem is that social situations stress you out. And fainting at a party would surely make you a laughing stock. Did I mention your awkward friend is also at the party. He would be really sad if you didnt talk to him during the party. And dont forget alchohol makes you stress less. (May also have some unforseen effects)
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
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Download and unzip "". Run the executable "IntrovertAtParty.exe". Works on 64 bit Windows.


Project manager/programmer: Paul Magnus Sørensen-Clark

Programmers: Eirik J. Henriksen, Fredrik Olsen, Nikolas Holan Øksnes

Artists: Isak Aasemoen Aardal, Vidar Langhelle, Ludvig Brustad

Sound Designer: Halvard Bjørkås


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