I Remember

I Remember - a story about the survival of an astronaut girl who ended up in a damaged ship. You will help the heroine to make important decisions that will further affect her survival. She was left alone, all the others died, and she managed to get in touch .. only with you. The story is being done right in front of you, in real time. Immerse yourself in the world of a person deprived of everything. All hope is on you.
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Bolter is jammed!
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Happy Anniversary
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)

Popkov Maxim - teamlead, gamedesigner, horshi chelovek
Pavluchenko Alexander - gamedesigner, screenwriter, big boy
Bilyk Nikita - lead programmer, average jew
Kyslenko Mykhailo - programmer, solmka destroyer
Timoshin Serhii - gamedesigner, 2d artist, 
Skripka Sofia - 2d artist, 

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