I don't want to go

The idea: A game about a kid that runs away from the orphanage because he doesn’t want to be adopted and be separated from his friends. However that leads him to getting stuck in an abandoned house and finding the way out makes him think about the true meaning of home. At the end when he gets reunited with his friends he knows that home can mean more than one place and leaving won’t break the bond he has with those he loves. || The result: A game with all the mechanics but with only one playable level and missing essential narrative moments to explain the story the game initially meant to tell but that was done with a lot of love and effort. || NOTE: Updates may come!
Jam year: 
Use the Source, Luke (Sponsored by GitHub)
MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
LÖVE Game Engine

Development Team:

  • Graphics Artist - Diana Gomes (Midreky)
  • Programming - Tiago Guerra (Costawar) and Muhammad Usama (SAYM)
Game Stills: