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This story is about a girl with a deep personality conflict. The heroine is tormented by anti-rush feelings, as a result of which she realizes that she must accept herself, accept all sides of herself, and then she will find harmony. That the house can only be where peace and harmony, and they begin within ourselves. From this moment on, the girl realizes that she is not alone, that there are contradictions in other people. That when fate brings her to the person with whom she decides to build her own house, he, too, can be torn apart by contradictions. And now after all that time of care and thoughts only about herself (harmony of the game), the girl realizes that her goal is to help people around her find harmony in themselves, this is the key to reconciliation with herself and peace of mind. In harmony and mutual understanding, they can build a house that will be theirs. Their common world. Their perfect world ...
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MS Windows, Android device
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.Net, Unity (any product)
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