Housewarming is a small game meant to represent the experience of moving intro a new home; The interior of the house starting off completely white. Players move through the house and decorate as they see fit by clicking on objects and giving them color. The colors that players use to decorate the house are meant to represent the unfamiliarity of a new place. Once players have gone through the house and reach their final destination they see themselves finally warming up to the house with a beautiful surprise to represent feeling at home.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip Housewarming and run the exe file that corresponds with your operating system.


The Housewarmers:

Angela Yu

Elizabeth Castaño

Joel Forrester

Kate Smith

Kevin Longkun Yang

Marcus Guimaraes

Michael Dellapi

Pasan Chamara Dharmasena 

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