Hordes of Humans

mesenbrock.itch.io/hordesofhumans "We'll never defeat the ever-growing hordes of humans - Flee from the murderous Bastards!" - Roznik, Goblin-Sage They're human. You're not. Reason enough for them to break into your home and indifferently slaughter your brethren. Summon all your courage, forge your own destiny and RUN! Turn-Based-Strategy Game. Use various items to outlast the vile humans and flee deeper into the dungeon. System Requirements: Requires at least a 12*12 board, 17*17 is recommended. However, most shapes will do. Walls may be placed between tiles, blocking movement. This Game is designed so that for each dungeon level, the player to last excape the previous dungeon takes command of the human hordes, until at least one goblin player has died. From this point on, dead goblin players take command of live humans. General Rules: 1. Levels have to be solveable. 2. Surviving a level yields 1 Gold. 3. Using an item ends the players turn. 4. Picking up items is a free turn, players may freely swap all items with adjacent players. 5. Treasure chests can be forced open by sacrificing an axe to do this. 6. Fire spawns one turn after a player places a torch. During the first turn, fire burns all 8 adjacent tiles. During the second, all twelve tiles directly adjacent to the previously existing fires - fire does not spread diagonally. 7. Fire destroys everything directly on the tile it touches. walls are only affected once the fire spreads past them. Hence, fire can only destroy two walls in one direction, not the third. 8. Using a pickaxe removes a wall from the game, destroying said pickaxe. The wall then can be freely carried by a player. Walls take up one inventory slot. 9. Humans may neither pick up nor use items. 10. All Players start the game on the skull icon, which starts spawning a human creature after 4 + dieroll turns. 11. After the first turn of the first level, players may never occupy the same tile as another creature nor pass a tile occupied by another creature. Item Rules: Seven-League-Boots increase Goblin movement by 1, or negate the effect of being wounded. No, they do not heal the player... ...Potions heal one wound if consumed. A key opens the chest corresponding to the number on the other side of the chest token. Combat Rules: Centuries of persecution have endowed Goblins with a thick skull: Each Goblin has 2 Hit points. If they lose a dieroll twice without receiving medical attention, they die and drop all their items. Goblins who have lost one fight move 1 tile fewer per turn. Other actions are unimpeded. Slaying a foul human in self-defense yields 2 gold. Slaying a Veteran yields 4 Gold. Slaying a Hero yields 8 Gold. Goblins who hold a weapon (axe or sword) can choose to actively engage humans in combat. This increases their poor standard survivability of 1 and 2 out of 6 by one, ergo 1, 2, 3. If more than one armed goblin engages simultaneously, each goblin increases survivability by 1, to a maximum of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. On a 6, a Goblin dies regardless. Roll dice to determine which goblin dies. Goblins can engage any human they end up adjacent to after their first or second move. However, fighting ends the turn of all players involved in the fighting. The fifth human to enter a maze is a veteran, the 8th human a hero. Veterans lower goblins survivability by 1, heroes by 2. Therefore, a goblin with an axe only has the minimum survivability when facing a hero alone - 1 in 6. Goblin Rules The Sword increases survivability by 2 The bow allows a Goblin to kill a single human no more than 3 tiles away, in a straight line (as a rook in chess might). As with all items except melee weapons in combat, it is consumed in the process. Humans may always move one tile farther than Goblins. If for instance Goblins move 2 tiles per turn, Humans may move up to 3 tiles per turn. Hence, increasing base Goblin movement speed lowers the difficulty of the game.
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