You are a little Witch called Maggie, who lives in the deepest part of a giant forest in a cozy little shed. But her life isn't that peaceful, because when it gets dark, everyday she has to make a spell to keep the monsters away for her home. In order to do that, you must help her collect wood and battle the monsters so she can get through the night! Who can last longer? I don't know, ask your mother.
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Russell’s Teapot
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine

Team Magma

-Character design, 2d animation:

Gustavo Haro

-Textures, 2d sprites:

Martìn "Link" Gramajo (Tw & IG: @Martingguru)

-3d Modeling and animation:

Juan Pablo Trimarco (IG: @juantrimarco)

-Music and Sound:

Angelo Priore (IG: @intonarumori_)


Renzo Di Fede (IG: @renncorxs)

Lucas Sznolno

Source files: