Our hero cannot bear to get too far away from home. As he meets new friends, he is more comfortable and can get farther away. He needs to return home to rest when his health is getting low. His emotional connection to his home is so strong that you can be seen and felt as it constantly pulls our hero back to house. Help our hero connect with 20 friends to win :) HomeSick runs on Windows. Use A, D, W keys to move our Hero and connect him with friends. Collect gold to help him jump higher.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Programming:  Mehmet Demiray

Graphics: Emin Alp Bıyık

Game Design: Mehmet Demiray, Emin Alp Bıyık, Dinç Acar


     Artist : Komiku, Tracks: Glouglou, Skate

     Recorded by: snottyboy

     Button Sound 3, Button Sound 9, Button Sound 10

     Big Crack of Thunder, Thunder 1

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