Homebound Spirit

It's about a ghost that's looking for its way home and it has to possess animals to get through certain obstacles to get there. The main special thing, for good or bad, is that we're trying to combine 2d and 3d in a way that hopefully won´t look stupid. The mechanics should be that you can float around in a forest as a spirit and to be able to hunt down and possess different animals and when in their bodies gain their skills and attributes. Controls: WASD = movement Left mouse click = shoot plasma at animals to slow them down in order to possess them (Just walk close to animal to enter it once it stands still) Right click = Exit animal, back to ghost Escape = Pause with menu options F5 = Activate Stupid Mode (Go back to menu to remove mode)
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
clip studio paint pro, 3d studio max


Leo Raitantiemi (Nordavic)

Tobias Ek (Toibas, Nordavic)


2D-art & 3D-art:

Tobias Nordin (@SimonTNordin, inst - tobias.s.nordin)

Robin Börjesson (@Robmancartoons, Robman92)

Mattias Svedjevik (@equinox)

Source files: