Home Is Where The Friends Are

Home Is Where The Friends Are About: Home Is Where The Friends Are is a game for children ages 4-10. The object of the game is to increase your vocabulary and your understanding of the concept of “home.” Your idea and perception of “home” increases as you grow up. It starts with your parents, and then increases as you gain friends throughout life. How to play the game: After clicking “Play Game,” you can choose from different rooms in your life to meet new people and build relationships, thus growing your home view. As words are achieved, new words and new rooms are unlocked, allowing you to progress through the aging process. The “Words” button reveals your dictionary of available words you have gained and allowed to use in conversations. Type in one of your available words and click the “Say” button to commit your reply to the conversation. Once you have replied, more words will unlock and be added to your dictionary. The pink dialog box in the bottom portion of the screen shows the conversation. The counter at the top of the screen tracks your age from 2 years old to 12. After each year your birthday will occur, advancing you to the next level unlocking more vocabulary terms. Cast of characters: Mom (Susan) – A sensitive Dachshund who loves sweaters. Dad (Bob) – A fun-loving Collie with a soft side. Shawn (friend) – An energetic and adventurous Terrier mix who loves sports. TJ (friend) – A quiet, intelligent ginger Tabby who has a love for books and learning. Judy (friend) – An expressive and empathetic Pug who enjoys music. Jennifer (friend) – An excitable, impulsive Llama who has a feel for dancing.
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Android device
Technology Notes: 
Programmed with the Android SDK.
Installation Instructions: 

Download and Install from the Play Store.


Paul Smith - Programmer

Michael Wojnar - Programmer

Tara Smith - Art / Writing

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