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I've been dreaming about a mobile home. Specifically with external sound system. Israel has a Jewish sect (which I'm a part of) which takes mini-vans and equips them with external sound system to drive around, play music, dance in traffic lights, and encouraging others to dance as well. This group is called Nachmanim. The game revolves around driving in Israel in such a van and doing special tasks. Each task modifies one of four resources: food, money, petrol, or spiritual light. Each task is represented by a square on the outer rim of the board. The van can move anywhere around the board but every square takes 1 food and 1 petrol resource. Some tasks only get activated after a certain number of squares passed. Sinagogue task must be visited after not more than 12 squares were passed through. The game is failed if the player runs out of money, petrol, food or if sinagogue wasn't visited on time. The objective is collect as much spiritual light as possible. The game is in Hebrew. Shalom!
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