Home God

Everybody needs a home - a place where you feel sheltered and comfortable. And every god knows that. However, making everybody feel home at home is quite challenging, so God needs your help. Slip into the role of the aspiring demi-god/godess Beff and equip the homes of this world with the things their inhabitants truly need! Locate the objects God has prepared for the people in remote places (because you know, God's too busy to remember the exact location...) and watch as your sphere of influence is growing with every person made happy by you!
Jam year: 
Use the Source, Luke (Sponsored by GitHub)
Language-Independence (Sponsored by Valve Software)
Super Secret Stash
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Godot Engine
Technology Notes: 
tyvm Godot <3 - assets used * win sound 1.wav by remaxim form opengameart.org * god image from http://www.bbcamerica.com/anglophenia/2015/10/watch-terry-gilliams-grumpy-commentary-for-lost-python-animations
Installation Instructions: 

unzip the archive and just start the game! 

[Windows: .exe | OSX: .dmg | Linux: .pck/.x86_64]


Angelo Aracri (Simplicitis) - Game Design, Graphics Design
Matthias Schmitt (maschm) - Programming
Marius Elvert (LtJax) - Programming
Alexander Kasper (alexander.kasper) - Programming
Andreas Boltres (Flunzmas) - Sound, Music

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