Home for Everyone 3

In this terraforming game it's your mission to change the terrain in such a way, that you can give all coming people a place to live. When they feel comfortable at a place they will start building houses. And as always: More people = more houses = higher score! To interact with the world just use your mouse, click on the tool you want to use and with the left and the right mouse button you can change the terrain around you. You can also use WASD to move your camera and scrool to change the zoom. To get point you have to fullfill the needs of those white creatures that live in that world. You can see what they want when you click on them. To close the info window just move your camera away or change the zoom. Have fun!
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Tan Grumser (Programming, Game Design, Graphical Support)

Marcel Mulorz (Programming, Game Design, Graphics)

Lukas Zimmermann (Programming, Game Design)

Dennis Loran (Programming, Game Design)

Richard Krutisch  (Programming)

Finn Baygan (Music)

Game Stills: 
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