The Hoboist

[character name] was a hoboist of renown. Due to [event] he lost his career, his family, his house and his passion for music. The streets he now calls ‘home’ are grey, void of life and meaningless to him. Piece by piece he discovers items that remind him of what kindled his passion for music in the first place, memories of his childhood in a home filled with music.The world starts to live again and he realises: with music home is wherever you want it to be. Combine sounds found in the city environment to create your personal sound track and solve puzzles in order to continue walking. Sounds trigger memories of a happier past, the feelings of home filled with music and passion. Finding more sounds unlocks more memories of his past and rekindles his passion for music. Different combinations of musical patterns form a soundtrack and by unlocking more memory slots the sound track increases in complexity allowing the player to solve environmental puzzles that react to the right musical composition. The world comes to live, gaining colour and energetic movement and his mood improves. He is reminded how important music is for him in order to feel at home even in these dark times.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Robert van den Born

Kevin van Geest

Sara Larsson

Piet van Rosmalen

Thijs Schipper

Joeri Taelman