Hobby Of Mine Everyday

3D Multiplayer Sandbox type Party Game with multiple game modes. This year our team is based on from the last year and we wanted to challenge ourselves and tried to make something different, not boring. After four hours of brainstormin, We came up with the ideas of hanging out with friends in the home during our childhood. All mutliplayable - Base game: sand box game mode - Drone game: inspired by Hide, Sick & Tag - Nerf Gun(FPS game): Inspired by shooting game ---How the game works?------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Create or Join the room, the room is max 4. 2. You will start in the sandbox mode 3. play with friends, and if you find some object that you can interact, hold "e" to fill the guage of the object. 4. the game will start after counts finished 5. it will start the special game mode(either Hide, Seek and Tag. OR Nerf gun fight) 6. once the game is finished, come back. * Hide, Seek, and tag won't be able to start with one person due to the game logic * There are some exceptional bugs/issues that we have not handled yet due to time * Hope you can be generous and enjoy with the game :) ---Sandbox Overview & Input------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hang out with the friends and start the mini games! W,A,S,D: Moving refer to the direction Camera move: change the direction E: Pick-up/Interact(holdable) R: Punch C: Crouching(toggle switchable) Space bar: Jumping ---NerfGun Overview & Input------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Shoot and hit the dart to the friends and get more score! W,A,S,D: Moving refer to the direction Camera move: change the direction Mouse Left Button Click: Gun Shooting C: Crouching(toggle switchable) Space bar: Jumping (currently disabled) ---NerfGun Overview & Input------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hide and seek the player and TAG! If a seeker tag everyone than, hiders lose. Only one Seeker, can tag the hiders by hitting. W,A,S,D: Moving refer to the direction Camera move: change the direction and movement of hover Ctrl: Move down Space: Move up left-shift: boost
Jam year: 
Power of Community (Sponsored by Mixer)
Always Room for One More (Sponsored by Origin Access)
Puzzle design challenge (Sponsored by Red Bull Mind Gamers and The Tetris Company®)
Super Secret Stash
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Unity, GitHub, Photon, Adobe Mixamo, Maya, Slack

Art & Assets

  • Bill Oh
  • Ching Choi


  • Geoff McLennan
  • Joshua Takeshi Abe
  • Morris Arroyo
  • Shawn Kim
  • Tyler Da Costa

Special Thank you to Dan from Tree of Sound

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