Hermit - Everything is your home

Hermie is a lonely hermit crab, in a lonely island. He must leave the comfort of his home in the sea because of the horrible water pollution. Join him in the research of a brand new home fit for his growing size. Anything goes, he is not too picky! Move around, eat all the food you can find, and hide Hermie from the seagulls by always finding a new shell that feets Hermie's size. Move using WASD, pick up shell with E. Look for shells that fit your size (the number on top of the shells).
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine

Game Designers:

  • Roberto Pavan
  • Simone Cicchetti


  • Luciano Laudani (texturing, 3d modelling)
  • Antonio Circelli (characters animation and 3d modelling, texturing)
  • Mattia Lo Presti (3d modelling, texturing)
  • Claudio La Scala (2d art, 3d modelling)


  • Cristiano Muzi
  • Dario Coppola
  • Virginia Quagliozzi

Sound Designer:

  • Tecla Zorzi (sound effects, music)
Source files: