Help Dogs Get Home

The player must take the dogs to the houses shown in the game with the colored roofs on their collars. The player will have three lives and three minutes to take the maximum number of dogs to their homes, in case the player loses their lives or the time runs out, the game is over. The player only loses life if he tries to catch a dog without a leash or if he takes a dog with a different color leash to the roof of the house. O jogador deve levar os cachorros para as casas mostradas no jogo com os telhados de cores respectivas a suas coleiras. O jogador terá três vidas e três minutos para levar o maximo de cães as suas casas, caso o jogador perca as vidas ou acabe o tempo, o jogo acaba. O jogador só perde vida se tentar pegar um cão sem coleira ou se levar um cão com a coleira de cor diferente ao teto da casa.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Blender,Adobe Photoshop

Eduardo Zwetsch-Programador e Artista 2D

Rodrigo Zwetsch-Programador e Artista 3D

Vitória Ramos-Programador

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