Goose Migration Simulator

Goose Migration Simulator (or GooseSim) is an arcade style game in which you control a flock of geese trying to get home. Like classic mobile game Flappy Bird, you control the flock with a single click, allowing them to flap up or fall. Cars and planes threaten the 15 geese in their migration, and it's up to you to get as many as possible home to the Lake of Paradise. You can play Story Mode, in which you must last 100 seconds with as many geese as possible to get to the lake, or Endless Mode, in which you simply last as long as possible to get a high score, earning penalties for losing geese.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)

Design: Rachel Allen, Chris Chen, Sam Johns

Programming: Chris Chen, Rachel Allen

Art: Sam Johns, Rachel Allen

Music: Rachel Allen

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