Gimme tha TV

The purpose of the game is to fight for the ownership of the control remote an the right to select the TV channel the whole family would have to watch. You have to fight for that right. You can play 1 v 1 using the same keyboard (You can also use a joystick for the player 2), the controls are as follows: Player 1: -Movement Left & Right: A & D -Jumping: W -Attack: E -Block: Q Player 2: -Movement Left & Right: J & L -Jumping: I -Attack: O -Block: U
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

This game was developed by:
-Amarillo Leandro - [email protected]
-Bracalenti Guido - [email protected]
-Cordoba Matias - [email protected]
-Merino Matias - [email protected]
-Scheffer Bruno Andrés - [email protected]

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