Frost Away

You crashed in the middle of a frozen nowhere. Wherever you were going to does not matter anymore. Only matters your survival. It's cold, freezing cold, and there is not much to help you, aside the Junk you can salvage from your crashed plane. Build a shelter, find some food, fight the cold... And maybe will you be able to use the beacon of the plane to call for salvation. Well, that was my plan, but I only managed to get the base system of the game to work... There is a body temerature jauge on the bottom, a fatigue jauge on the top, thirst and starvation jauges on the sides. and an inventory system nearly finished, but nothing to put in it... And the landscape really miss some work... Oh, and there is currently no way to win... Only deaths! Sorry! Commands: WASD to move Space to jump Mouse to look Left mouse button for main action Right mouse button for alternate action (well, not implemented yet...) Middle mouse button to call and hide the inventory Mouse roulette and keybord arrows to navigate the menus and inventory
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
Blender for some modelling

Made by HowlAtTheMoon, aka Pierre Velardi

[email protected]

The Unreal Engine 4.19 First Person Shooter Template was used for the base controls of the character and the sky.