Sometimes self care means tidying up your room. To some people with depression, without the energy to get out of bed, your room starts to reflect your mental state. Forward is game about fighting depression with little actions, like tidying your own room. It isn't something that will cure depression, but it's through small changes that fighting the illness becomes possible and you can start to feel home again.
Jam year: 
Let me show you how it's done!
Keep it simple
MS Windows, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Tools and Technologies: 

Caio "Sychro" Nercolini: Programmer, UI Artist

Debora "Debxxv" Tonel: Project Manager, Game Designer

Diego "Dystopian" Pontes: Music, Sound Designer, SFX

Eliot "GhostPixels" Sabidussi: Artist

Kaz "ItsKaz" Born: Programmer

Rubens "PraetorLunaire" Paulico: Writer, Game Designer

Victor "metasight" Gabriel: Artist