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这是关于非常困难的一个生存游戏!玩家通过扮演一个孩子来躲过路上各种各样的障碍来回到父母的身边。在游玩的过程中,玩家会遇到莎士比亚、曹禺、卡夫卡、吴承恩、巴金、罗贯中、施耐庵、曹雪芹、海明威、太宰治等等名作家作品中的人物和许多有趣的障碍、我们想要通过这么样的一个游戏来让玩家体验到:从善如流从恶如崩,生活在平凡普通的家庭亦是来自不易,而达到幸福也是需要持续的耐心努力和坚定不移的品性。通过点击手机屏幕来控制孩子的移动来躲开各种危险,往家人所在的方向奔跑吧! This is a very difficult survival game! Players’ role is a child who needs to avoid the obstacles on the road and finally return to his parents.He will meet famous writers such as Shakespeare, Cao Yu, Kafka, Wu Chengen, Ba Jin, Luo Guanzhong, Shi Naian, Cao Xueqin, Hemingway, Tai Zai Zhi, and characters from their books, and many interesting obstacles.We want to let players understand that ordinary life is not easy to come by, happiness comes from kindness, patience, firm belief and hard work. Control the child's movement by clicking on the screen of the phone, avoid all the obstacles and RUN HOME!
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iPhone, iPad
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