Feed Me

STORY: Parenthood is hard in the end times. Demons walk among us and they hunger for flesh. You're making your way through the ruins of your town with your kid. Find the escape point on every level, and get your kid to it. Even more annoying, you'll have to keep him fed or he'll die of hunger. Happy travels! WARNING - We didnt manage to get everything done. so expect jankiness and a missing hunger meter :D HOW: - Find the Helipad. Keep the baby fed with tomatoes while you're searching. Get the Baby from campsite to helipad - Walk on top of tomato plants to collect the tomato. You can only pick up one at a time. - Arrow keys to move - SPACE to shoot - P to pickup the baby. P again to drop it. You cannot shoot while you're running with the baby. Parenting 101 - Demons will not attack the baby in the starting area Credits - Akseli Koskinen - programming - Chichi - Almost all the art - White monster - dogchicken on opengameart
Jam year: 
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
Phaser <-- this was a bad decision :D